Interactive Flash for Semiconductor Concepts

Silicon Crystal Electron Flow

This interactive simulation was written to as a Flash artwork precursor for more advanced concepts.



Links to Other (Similar) Interactive Simulations

While I favor Flash, most of these are programmed as Java Applets.

For a discussion see:Java Vs. Flash

How a BJT Works This one has the best (electron flow in a) field animation work I've seen in a device demo. I hope to replicate it on a future project.Flash
How a JFET Works Similar interactive application, no GmFlash
MOSFET Operation-1 Basic Vgs, Vd interactivity.Java Applet
MOSFET Operation-2 Basic Vgs, Vd interactivity, nice curve tracing (better than mine!)Java Applet
Semiconductor Simulation Library Extensive (and good!) library demonstrating most of the basicsJava Applet
Funktionsweise des MOS-Transistors German website containing a series demosJava Applet