The purpose of software procedures, methodologies and leadership courses is to try to systematize how experienced people carry out projects.

But there are some very salient points that no set of procedures can capture. They are:

1. It is important to recognize which details the big picture turns on (and to what extent).

2. It is important to recognize which things are intuitive, and which things run counter intuitive.

3. It's important to know where to put your foot down, and what to let slide.

4. As a team leader or manager, there are two basic types of people under you:

  1. Technically competent people with whom you still have to frequently touch base - in order discuss their progress and (especially!) brainstorm their challenges.
  2. Well organized people who will know when to come to you with a problem.

And here is the critical point: Don't EVER mix these two types up in your management style. If you do:

  1. The first type will think you are aloft or don't care.
  2. The second type will resent you micro managing them.